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Murano glass decorative panel / wall-mounted / backlit
GRAAL veveglass



  • Material:

    Murano glass

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  • Technical characteristics:



Graal is a modular backlit Murano glass panel, with a silver leaf decoration carved with a steel etching tool and hand painted. The tiles are available in two sizes and can be combined to get the desired size of the panel. With this kind of decoration, our glass-masters managed to create a sort of fine art puzzle.

The idea we would like to convey is that we can offer through various options, the interpretation of creativity expressed on the artistic Murano glass.
Material: Original Murano Glass
dimensions of this installation cm 120L x 80H x 1,5T (inch 47,24 L x 31,5 H x 0,6 T) | Customizable, each panel has full customization options in terms of dimensions and colors.
Other characteristics:
Custom made, Handmade, Backlit, Led integrated, metallic professional structure, Made in Italy