video corpo

Murano glass decorative panel / wall-mounted
IDEOGRAMMI veveglass



  • Material:

    Murano glass

  • Applications:



This is a Murano glass panel inspired by ancient symbology and engraved on a silver leaf.
The incisions on the silver leaf are fused together with the typical red glass sheet.
Ideogrammi is the typical instinctive handmade decoration of our glass masters, showing the incredible and suggestive power of the colors contrast.
The effect of the carvings is even stronger and intense through the black brushstrokes, just like the artist would have used a carving tool instead of a brush in his painting.
Other characteristics :
Custom made, Handmade, Backlit, Led integrated, metallic professional structure, Made in Italy
Colors :
First color: silver leaf
Second color: a wide range of colors which can be selected by the customer
Dimensions :
Dim. of the panels in the photograph: H. 210 x L. 50 x S. 1,5 (Inch. 19,68 L x 82,67 H x 0,59 T) | Customizable, each panel has full customization options in terms of dimensions and colors.
Material :
Original Murano Glass handmade