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Murano glass decorative panel / wall-mounted / patchwork
REDENTORE veveglass



  • Material:

    Murano glass

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This panel was created using a modern version of the ancient and traditional etching technique. The precious silver, together with the instinctive artistic scratch and the precious Murrinas, make it a sophisticated solution with an essential handcrafted value.
A versatile and precious panel
Backlit wall panel with multicolour Murano glass inserts. Silver, gold and platinum leaves, which were hand carved with a diamond etching tool, melt with precious Murrinas. In this case the panel measures 180 x 30 cm (70.87 x 11.81 inch), but it is possible to get it in many different sizes not only in geometrical shapes. Apart from the flat version, it can be designed and created with different kinds of curved glass.
The maximum customizable size is 180 x 30 cm (70.87 x 11.81 inch), but through a set of modules it is possible to achieve any possible dimension. In this case, the backlit version of the panels will be provided with a chromate metal stand with LED lights.
Other characteristics :
Custom made, Handmade, Backlit, Led integrated, metallic professional structure, Made in Italy
Colors :
First color: silver, gold and platinum leaves
Second color: a wide range of colors which can be selected by the customer
Dimensions :
measures single panel: 180 x 30 cm (70.87 x 11.81 inch)
Tickness: 1.5 cm (0.59 inch) | Customizable, each panel has full customization options in terms of dimensions and colors.
Material :
Original Murano Glass handmade