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Murano glass centerpiece
CAMPIELO veveglass

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Murano glass centerpiece Murano glass centerpiece - CAMPIELO


  • Material:

    Murano glass


Murano glass centerpiece. Black base. Crystal and Venetian red. Superimposed golden leaves. The name was inspired by the Venetian Campielli, small open areas at the junction of different streets. The Campielli are places where, from an urban point of view, it is possible to rest and breath, taking a break from the complicated labyrinth of the city streets (Calli). The base that contains the famous Murano red glass is covered in pure silver leaves. The golden leaves are then placed over the red. With the high melting temperatures these leaves flake but do not burn.
The shape of this work is the typical shape of a popular Venetian boat, called “il Sandalo.“
Other characteristics :
Custom made, Hand-made, Made in Italy
Colors :
Black glass, Murano red glass, silver leaf, gold leaf.
Dimensions :
Large: 115x19 cm | 45,27x7,48 in
Medium: 76x18 cm | 29,92x7,08 in
Small: 48x12 cm | 18,89x4,72 in
Material :
Original Murano Glass