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Murano glass centerpiece
JURASSICO veveglass



  • Material:

    Murano glass


Murano glass centerpiece, with a black base, silver leaf, and amethyst glass. Ivory and aventurine glass inserts.
The aventurine glass is a particular processing created in Murano. It consists of a crystal translucid paste which creates an effect that reminds that of the aventurine stone.
This tecnique is used as a decorative element for thick objects, flat or hollow surfaces.
Other characteristics :
Custom made, Hand-made, Made in Italy
Colors :
Black, amethyst, ivory, silver leaf.
Dimensions :
Large: 115x19 cm | 45,27x7,48 in
Medium: 76x18 cm | 29,92x7,08 in
Small: 48x12 cm | 18,89x4,72 in
Material :
Original Murano Glass