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Murano glass sculpture
SKYSCRAPER veveglass

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Murano glass sculpture Murano glass sculpture - SKYSCRAPER


  • Material:

    Murano glass


Skyscrapers, gorgeous examples of architecture, and their shapes spring up to the clouds in the
blue background, the profiles stand out unusual, bold and always lightful. They are a true vertical
city, which reaches incredible heights. They are so high buildings to get to the sky.
SKYSCRAPERS is a decorative multicolored sculpture in Murano glass in a sinuous shape with
varnished metal support. The procedure for creating this sculpture is very complex and laborious.
The glass processing technique is performer entirely by hand. Like in the mosaic technique, also in
this design multicolored glass rods are meticulously cut and arranged together, showing the
rainbow colors.

Measures: 35 x 70 cm (13.78 x 27.56 inch)
Thickness: 0.9 cm (0.35 inch)

First color: multicolor
Second color: a wide range of colors which can be selected by the customer