Contemporary visitor chair / with armrests / upholstered / swivel
RE-PEND Viasit GmbH


  • Style:


  • Options:

    with armrests, upholstered, swivel, star base

  • Material:

    fabric, polypropylene, steel, polycarbonate, chrome

  • Market:

    for public buildings


Creatively round

Working in a group or team requires movement. We need chairs which roll, turn and allow dynamic movements. re-pend delivers this with its swivel concept and unobtrusive design. Simple without frills, simple technology with outstanding efficiency.

Ergonomic design

re-pend is a shell chair for multiple applications, relaxing, meeting, working, communicating and to enjoy. Swinging movement whilst sitting is most comfortable when the axis of motion is above the hip joint and not from underneath the seat and in this way the forward and rearward movements are in a natural balance with the body and re-pend makes this possible.


Good design is simple and re-pend does not require complicated technology. The intelligent pivot position, using only a vulcanised rubber bearing, makes the entire movement possible without noise or friction and when the user sits down the chair actually gives way slightly for more comfort.


re-pend is available in three solid shell colours, red, black and white. The shells are made of highly durable, scratch resistant, polyamid (PA) in a high-gloss finish. The inside of the shell can also be fully upholstered or feature a seat pad. The frame is available in a powder coated white paint finish or in polished aluminium.


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