steel beam chair / polypropylene / 3-seater / 4-seater
KLIKIT Viasit GmbH



  • Material:

    steel, polypropylene

  • Number of seats:

    3-seater, 4-seater

  • Location:


  • Style:



Versatile use in public spaces

Elegant solid steel endless stacking skid frame with easy fit seat and back: - the skid frame chair.

The clean, crisp Italian influenced lines define the characterises of klikit in all of its guises.

One simple basic shape and aesthetic, endless combinations: you have the choice - upholstered or plastic backrest and seat and armrests.

klikit - Technical overview

Available in white, black or grey as a standard
Seat and backrest are made of polypropylene
Upholstered or plastic backrest and seat