steel tree guard / with integrated public bench
NRBI-225, NRBO-225 Victor Stanley



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    with integrated public bench


Since the introduction of our model NRBI-225 (inside-facing) and NRBO-225 (outside-facing) curved benches, we have been receiving requests from the design community asking for custom NRB continuous seating in varying configurations, lengths, and mixed radii. Having perfected meeting these design requirements with our backless FRB benches, we set out to solve the complicated engineering, tooling, and design challenges for producing custom radii NRB style continuous seating. We are very proud to announce that we made the impossible, possible.

Comfort was a big challenge in producing these benches given the compound angles and the need to keep the seat pitched using our traditional contour, rather than the easier, less comfortable and far less elegant seating which some offer using horizontal seats with no pitch. The pitched seat and back required breakthrough innovations in fixture and tooling design coupled with computer communications between machines resulting in great flexibility and enormous value.

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