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The new, rimless DirectFlush WCs feature the following properties:

◾Quick and easy cleaning and care thanks to the rimless design. This saves time and cuts costs.
◾In combination with AntiBac and CeramicPlus you can further optimise the easy-care and hygiene properties of your DirectFlush WC.

◾Thanks to the innovative water flow, the entire inner bowl is flushed completely without splashing. And with a flushing volume of just 4.5/3 l.

◾With more than 20 models we offer DirectFlush WCs to match all the standard collections. DirectFlush is available for floor-standing or wall-mounted installation, as a compact or comfort version so you are sure to find the model to suit your needs.

Product merits
◾The design of the DirectFlush WCs makes them easier to clean - which saves times and money. So the DirectFlush WC is suitable for use in both private households and commercial projects.
◾Hygienically clean and we have proof! One of the leading European Hygiene Institutes, IZORE - the "Centre for Infectious Diseases", Friesland, NL has shown in tests that, thanks to the optimised design, the rimless Villeroy & Boch DirectFlush WC is practically germ-free after cleaning.
◾The low water consumption of just 3/4.5l is standard for Villeroy & Boch and sufficient for flushing the entire bowl. This is better than required by the standard. As standard EN 997 permits an unflushed area of 85 mm below the upper edge for rimless WCs. But DirectFlush flushes the entire inner bowl!

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