Contemporary bathroom / ceramic
VIVIA Villeroy & Boch


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+Deep washbasin, large shelf areas plus console with a fold-away mirror facilitate daily beauty routine
+Just washbasin tap fitting can also be fitted with a pull-out spray for hair washing
+A stool provides a comfortable place to sit plus hidden storage space; it can be kept under the washbasin console
+Mirror cabinet My View 14+ with rail system, flexible partitions and dimmable lighting
+Tall cabinet with optional full-length mirror

VIVIA - Experience absolute comfort
The new Vivia collection redefines the meaning of comfort in the bathroom, combining timeless design with clever accessories to ensure the greatest convenience and feeling of wellbeing in the bathroom. Customers with a sophisticated taste seek bathroom products and fittings that offer studied practicality, for simple and convenient handling, high utility and an attractive appearance.

◾Deep basin for filling with water and washing hair - ideal with shower spray
◾Generous shelf space for an easy beauty routine

◾Comfy stool with hidden storage space
◾Mobile storage that can be simply pushed away under the console for a neat and tidy bathroom
◾Large mirrors both inside and out for a full-length view
◾Furniture console with a fold-away mirror and removable accessory boxes

◾Colour and intensity of light can be selected individually for ideal illumination
◾Well-organised: the perfect storage space


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