Glass shower / with hinged door
VIVIA Villeroy & Boch


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  • Door:

    with hinged door


+Especially spacious shower, three soothing shower functions and concealed storage space for a towel and/or shower utensils
+Squaro Infinity Quaryl® shower tray allows for floor-level entry
+Shower enclosure with optional integrated mirror element, available in various sizes
+Stool for safe sitting in the shower

VIVIA - Experience absolute comfort
The new Vivia collection redefines the meaning of comfort in the bathroom, combining timeless design with clever accessories to ensure the greatest convenience and feeling of wellbeing in the bathroom. Customers with a sophisticated taste seek bathroom products and fittings that offer studied practicality, for simple and convenient handling, high utility and an attractive appearance.

◾Spacious shower to satisfy the highest demands in terms of both space and enjoyment
◾Hidden storage space for a towel and shower utensils
◾Floor-level for easy entry
◾Stool for safe sitting in the shower


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