wood decorative panel / for partition walls / wall / backlit
I-SALT Vismara



  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for partition walls, wall

  • Technical characteristics:


  • Finish:

    white, lacquered

  • Other characteristics:

    LED, modular

  • Width:

    140 mm

  • Length:

    840 mm


Enchanting lights and colours…

Relax yourself and enjoy your body that reborns.

I-Salt is a panel covered by Himalayan salt bricks backlit with a low power consumption LED technology.

It can be handled by a touch screen remote control to create countless colour games.

The I-Salt panel can be finished either White lacquered or wengé.

I-Salt is a unique system that allows to have a dynamic modular salt wall that you can modify and enlarge in the future without expensive structural changes.

In fact I-Salt is composed by modules that can placed side by side and easy to assemble.

It creates a chromo relax effect with relaxing and stimulating lights.

I-Salt consists of modules that can be put one next to the other, easy to assemble.

MASTER is the main panel equipped with remote control.

SLAVE is a receiving panel and it is controlled by MASTER one.