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Cover panel / fiber cement / wall-mounted
VITRAPANEL® EC™ Vitragroup


  • Function:


  • Material:

    fiber cement

  • Applications:



Secondary Tunnel Lining Panels and Tunnel Lining Graphic Panels

Prefinished Compressed Fibre Cement Panels

With over 10 major tunnel lining projects all completed on time and to the satisfaction of all clients, we are confident in delivering.

As tunnel lining applications are specific to each project we normally consult with the engineers and designers and work with them on the specifications to chose the best design for the application.

VITRAPANEL EC meets the physical and aesthetic properties in technical specifications for panels used in Tunnel Lining applications.

It is the preferred TUNNEL LINING panel product due to the COMBINATION of benefits such as non-combustility, our ability to manufacture to any solid colour specified by the designer,

ease of maintenance, non-toxicity in the event of fire and non corrodible.

VITRAPANEL EC has been developed with the driver in mind allowing the designer

to optimize the colour and gloss level of the panel, we can manufacture to any specified gloss level.

This then allows for more ECONOMICAL LIGHTING and perfect diffusion of light to eliminate glare.


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