float glass glass panel / patterned / textured / for interior



  • Type:

    float glass

  • Appearance:

    patterned, textured

  • Applications:

    for interior, for flooring

  • Other characteristics:

    non-slip, translucent


Base material: float glass to UNI EN 572 1-2: 2004.
Description and characteristics: glass chemically and permanently etched on side , and characterized by a dotted grid texture (Ø 4 mm). The top of the grid is opaque and rough, the bottom is sparkling. It screens vision whilst allowing light through.
Anti-slip characteristics certified with method BCRA (µ > 0,40), BOT 3000 (DCOF > 0,42), to standards DIN 51130 (R13), DIN 51097 (C).
Plate size: 2250 x 3210 mm, useful size 2220 x 3180 mm.
Standard thicknesses: 8/10 mm
Weight: 2.5 kg/sqm/mm thickness
Standard colours: clear, extraclear.
Compatible processing: all mechanical and heat processes, including cutting, tempering, bending, laminating, silvering, painting, etc.
Interior/Exterior applications: walking surfaces, steps, flooring, hanging floors, walkways, etc.