indoor tile / wall / ceramic / matte
ZOCLO Vives Azulejos y Gres



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  • Installation:


  • Material:


  • Finish:


  • Thickness:

    11 mm


Zoclo: a harmony of textures

The range named Zoclo represents the true essence of the new Bunker collection. Its colours reflect the basis of the collection with an appearance giving an industrial setting:

Har Cemento 20x50 cm: Concrete.
Escala 20x50 cm: Brick
Cercha 20x50 cm: Rusted Steel.
Cimbra 20x50 cm: Aged Wood.

Zoclos character is slightly robust and boasts a varied number of individual pieces from the smallest and more modest to the most modern and exclusive and it is for this reason that it so complete.

Zoclo is a 20x50 wall tile and boasts great diversity in textures and colours to create a harmony with the other materials belonging to the Bunker collection.

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