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The Vollrath Sous Vide Thermal Immersion Circulator is available as a complete cooking unit with a water bath and cover; or as just a Thermal Immersion Circulator head. The Sous Vide Thermal Immersion Circulator complements Vollrath's In-Chamber and Out-of-Chamber Vacuum Pack machines and Cayenne® Charbroilers to provide a complete Sous Vide prep and cooking solution.

Culinary Benefits
Precise, repeatable results with no loss of moisture, retaining the integrity of the food product
Save on food costs by purchasing secondary cuts, while still achieving great results
Relatively inexpensive entry to market
Higher yield
Operational Benefits
Sous Vide Thermal Circulators take up minimal counter space
Cooks unattended
Sous Vide has a longer window of forgiveness compared to traditional cooking methods, preventing waste
When using Vollrath circulating head 40868 tank capacity must not exceed 7.9 gallons (30L)
Food Safety
Sous Vide is the most precise cooking method (display will show resolution of 0.1 degree be it °F or °C)

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