repair mortar / fixing / for concrete / cement



  • Type:

    repair, fixing

  • Mortar applications:

    for concrete

  • Other characteristics:

    cement, quick-set


The ideal quick-setting mortar for everyday building areas
Pre-mixed quick-setting cement-based mortar for quick repair jobs on reinforced concrete and cement-based surfaces in general.
Where to use it

Quick preparation for waterproofing jobs (for example on reinforcing fillets, to plaster formwork spacers)
To rapidly repair deteriorated concrete structures (e.g. edges of beams, columns and balcony bands)
Fastening of railings and traps
To rapidly repair superficial concrete casting defects (such as gravel nests, protruding bars and chipped parts)
To rapidly position counter-frames, door and window frames and electrical systems

Easy and quick application
Good finish results
High adhesion to concrete and reinforcement bars
Rapid-setting also on surfaces and in particularly damp environments
Excellent thixotropy that does not require the use of formwork