floor dehumidifier / residential



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• Outer casing moulded from ABS thermoplastic resin.
• Alternating compressor, with protection device timed to delay restart by 3 minutes after each shutdown.
• Two operating speeds.
• Humidistat allowing preselection of residual moisture level in the room (HUM button: 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% or CONTINUOUS).
• Antifreeze thermostat designed to prevent icing internally of the appliance, thereby allowing operation even at low temperatures.
• Removable and washable dust filter serving to prevent the growth of bacteria inside the appliance and capture airborne dust particles.
• Set of indicator lights combined with a digital display, designed to show: operating status of the appliance, selected fan speed, and system lockout — accompanied by audible warning signal — triggered when water of condensation reaches the maximum limit in the collection tank (removable container holding 3.6 litres).
• Factory-prepared for connection to a tube of 6 mm diameter, so as to allow uninterrupted operation of the appliance without the need for periodic removal and emptying of the condensate collection tank.
• It contains fluorinated greenhouse gas.
• Hermetically sealed equipment.