Interior paint / acrylic / satin

Uses: Industrial food/drink production and processing areas, schools, hospitals, kitchens, canteens etc.

Watco Wallguard is a unique interior wall coating designed for all areas where hygiene and cleanliness are important.

Will not support fungal or bacterial growth
Attacks MRSA
Easy to apply to bricks and plaster
Solvent free, odourless formulation
Tough, wipe clean, low sheen finish
Repeated cleaning will not harm the antibacterial properties
Acrylic based, one-part pack

Watco Wallguard is an easy to apply coloured wall finish suitable for many industrial, commercial and public sector applications. Using cross-linking acrylic technology, two coats on most surfaces will provide a tough, hygienic, easily wiped clean finish.

New formula Wallguard has been shown to be effective against both E.Coli and MRSA by independent laboratory tests.


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