square shower base / ceramic / extra-flat / flush



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    extra-flat, flush


The new Fundo Integro is the slimmest flush-to-floor shower element with integrated drain technology from wedi. Like all the other Fundo floor elements it is already sealed ready for installation:

- drain capacity of 0.8 litres per second
- 50 mm water trap height
- at least 1.5 % even preformed gradient
- 100 % waterproof material

The new shower element not only fulfils all relevant standards but offers an overall installation height of just 90 mm.

The Fundo Integro sets entirely new standards as a complete system – simply the perfect solution for all renovation projects, as well as a reliable and time-saving alternative for every installation.Fundo Integro - Standard-compliant complete system:

- Complies with all common standards and guidelines: Conformity with the European DIN EN 1253 and DIN EN 12056 standards has been inspected and confirmed by an official authority.

- Perfect for renovations: Besides 100 % compliance with standards, the Fundo Integro offers an overall installation height of just 90 mm.

- Assured reliability: The drain technology – which is already integrated into the waterproof blue XPS core of the floor element in the factory – ensures maximum system reliability.

- Guaranteed versatility: Alongside the stainless steel cover included in the scope of delivery, other wedi Fundo Fino designer grates can also be used – allowing further design possibilities.

- Suitable for all tile sizes: Thanks to the flat frame, the wedi Fundo Integro can also be tiled with particularly thin ceramic or glass mosaic.