copper cladding / composite / stainless steel / smooth
COPPERPLUS Wickeder Westfalenstahl GmbH



  • Material:

    copper, composite, stainless steel

  • Finish:

    smooth, textured, high-gloss, patina, lozenge-patterned

  • Configuration:

    panel, sheet, cassette

  • Appearance:

    metal look

  • Color:

    copper-colored, green

  • Other characteristics:

    durable, decorative


looks like copper
same patination properties as solid copper

lighter than copper
easy and quick handling like copper

stronger than copper
greater resistance to damage caused by hail

easy to process
cutting, forming, bending, soldering, hard-soldering

ease of installation
simpler and quicker than copper

theft protection
marking to protect against copper thieves

electro-magnetic field protection
the combination of ferro-magnetic stainless steel and highly conductive

copper provides protection against electrical and magnetic fields

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