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Whether you need accommodations for a large or small workforce, Williams Scotsman offers a variety of solutions to comfortably house both field workers and executive staff.

We offer a wide range of Sleepers, Dormitories, Construction and Permanent Operating Camps, as well as Side-by-Side Camps. Our experts are available to discuss your unique requirements and provide an appropriate configuration to comfortably and affordably house your staff.
Sleeper Units

Our Sleepers are ideal for housing groups of four to ten employees. The following are examples of some Sleeper configurations:

Ten Person Dry Sleeper (11 x 54)
Eight Person Sleeper / Washcar (11 x 58)
Six Person Sleeper / Washcar (12 x 60)
Four Person VIP Sleeper / Washcar (12 x 60)
Double Engineer Wellsite Trailers (12 x 60)


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