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flat thermal panel / for heating / for water heating / with frame
SOLARWIN Windhager Zentralheizung GmbH



  • Technology:


  • Function:

    for heating, for water heating

  • Other characteristics:

    with frame


Energy free of charge

Particularly clean and efficient

Cut the cost of heating hot water by up to 70% on average
Cover up to 100% of your summer requirements free with your solar system
An active way to reduce CO2 emissions
Make use of various state and community grants

Comfort levels never achieved before

Tailored solar packages to boost your heating system and/or supply hot water for every need
Greater independence from energy imports and prices or fuel shortages
Can be easily combined with other heat generators
Ideal for both new builds and modernisation projects
Flexible options of in-roof, on-roof and horizontal collectors and also freestanding units
Reliable and safe

Separate solar controller monitors all relevant functions
Windhager system technology with function guarantee
Hardened, hail-proof solar glass
Solar Keymark tested
Tested to the Austria Solar quality seal standard

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