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Double Your Scrubbing Productivity
Imagine the money you will save when you double your scrubbing productivity with the Chariot 3 iScrub 26! When compared to a walk-behind-scrubber the Chariot 3 is twice as productive. What is even betterthe Chariot will not cost you a penny more than the traditional scrubber you are using now. This is the next-generation of stand-on cleaning equipment developed from our years of expertise as the innovators of the stand-on cleaning segment. Chariot 3 is the 3rd-generation Chariot stand-on automatic-scrubber and it features a 26 inch scrub pad width.

Reliable Scrubbing
Nothing is more frustrating than the hassles that come with a low quality scrubber. Knowing you have the reliable and trusty Chariot 3 iScrub 26 in your fleet of floor maintenance machines will let you sleep with ease because you know you can trust that it will work. As the innovators of the stand-on scrubber, Windsor has the know-how to build the best scrubber available. Trust our hundreds of test hours on this machine to bring you peace-of-mind in Windsors quality.