tall filing cabinet / wood veneer / with hinged door / modular
WINEA MAXX WINI Büromöbel Georg Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG



  • Type:


  • Material:

    wood veneer

  • Other characteristics:

    with hinged door, modular, with sliding door, with drawers, tambour door

  • Style:



Based on a clear unit design, as well as an all-round durable and sustainable material concept, the WINEA MAXX cupboard system can be assembled to suit each individual. The design and construction stipulations included a uniform impression of the alignment of joints, as much modularity as possible and an overall unit depth of 45 cm for all cupboard variants. Highlighting certain optical features can be done by combining different décors or veneers, which can be freely selected for the top and bottom boards, side walls and fronts. Conceived systematically as modular, the cupboard components can be freely combined / extended up to a maximum height of 7 FH. So that the cupboards can be used from both sides, the single units can also be assembled as a mirrored configuration. With its different front variants, WINEA MAXX offers a multitude of assembly solutions for tailor-made contract furnishing solutions.

Cupboard variants: shelf system, sliding door cupboard, cupboard with tambour doors, hinged door cupboard, wardrobe cupboard, cupboard with suspension files drawer, cupboard with broad drawers, combination cupboard, apothecary cupboard, side cupboard, caddies

Fitting details and options: counter element, suspended doors, seating element, cupboard upper sections, side, corner and ceiling covers, sound-absorbing fronts, office utensil trays