workstation desk / wooden / metal / contemporary
WINEA PRO DUO WINI Büromöbel Georg Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG



  • Type:


  • Material:

    wooden, metal

  • Style:


  • Market:


  • Options:


  • Height:

    Min.: 65 cm (25.6 in)

    Max.: 125 cm (49.2 in)

  • Length:

    Min.: 80 cm (31 in)

    Max.: 240 cm (94 in)

  • Width:

    60 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm (23.6 in)


The WINEA PRO double workstation is the neat ergonomic solution for the team office or desk-sharing office. The system frame provides not one but two workplaces with personalised height adjustment and these, in turn, promote health via the shift from sitting to standing. Furthermore, light and acoustic elements can be integrated easily into the double workplace: the robust frame with connecting beam provides sturdy adapting options for the sound-absorbing panels from the WINEA SINUS range, and the TAVONA ergonomic LED workplace lamp. Linked together in a row, WINEA PRO double
workstations are also the ideal solution for using as workbenches.