partition wall acoustic panel / aluminum / textile / decorative
WINEA SINUS WINI Büromöbel Georg Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG



  • Applications:

    for partition walls

  • Material:

    aluminum, textile

  • Other characteristics:


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The WINEA SINUS acoustic system makes it possible to have the very best room conditioning in a commercial interior, finely tuned to the respective size of the room, its function, the constructional properties and furnishing elements. Whether it’s for the reception area, the lounge, a single workstation or team office, an open plan office, or conference room: The modular frame system is flexible: as a movable screen, an organiser desk panel, a floating ceiling panel or a personalised acoustic picture, too. The WINEA SINUS system is based on a very stable 52 mm thick aluminium frame into which the absorbing materials are mounted. The system consists of various basic and add-on elements of different heights and widths which can be linked up together on all sides - easily and flexibly. Depending on the room requirement and the level of absorption desired, the acoustically effective filling can be freely selected and subsequently replaced, too. As well as a recyclable polyester fleece, there is the alternative choice of an adaptable sheet metal membrane for sound absorption in the bass range. In this way, WINEA SINUS guarantees customised sound absorption ranging from α = 0.8 (absorption class B) to α = 1 (absorption class A), and can be used in all office areas as a sound screen, or as a highly effective sound absorber.