porcelain coffee cup / for domestic use / commercial
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    for domestic use, commercial


The perfect cup for the perfect drinking experience! Hot milk and velvety milk foam are enhanced by a shot of espresso. Since a cappuccino is smaller than a café au lait, it demands a smaller cappuccino cup. Its width usually looks wider than its height. The large diameter allows plenty of space for a crown of foamed milk and the foam keeps its silky froth for longer. There is hardly any coffee speciality that places so much importance on the saucer: it not only prevents stains on the table, it also gives the spoon a place to rest and leaves space for a small Amarettino cookie. This makes the cappuccino at least as typically Italian as the right brand of espresso. WMF cappuccino cups are available in various designs.

The WMF Various collection has all angles covered with a porcelain series including the perfect plates, cups, bowls and oven dishes to suit every occasion. The concept is simple: three basic designs – round, rectangular, square – and various shallow and deep sizes. Made from hard porcelain, they can be used for serving, heating up in the microwave and grilling in the oven. The porcelain is cut- and scratch-resistant and retains the heat, thus keeping food warm for longer on the table. All items can be mixed and matched and the serving plates also function as lids. Leftovers can be covered and kept fresh in the refrigerator and you can even put the porcelain in the freezer, too. In neutral white, Various enhances any table and can be combined with all other tableware. Practical: all items can be cleaned in the dishwasher and are stackable for space-saving storage.