flat thermal panel / for water heating / with frame



  • Technology:


  • Function:

    for water heating

  • Other characteristics:

    with frame


Do you want to use not only conventional heating in your building, but also yields from the sun? Then a solar thermal system is just what you need. In new build or modernisation projects, and you can still benefit from public subsidies.

The WOLF TopSon F3-1 high performance flat-plate collectors are efficient, beautifully finished and extremely durable. For example, the fully sealed aluminium collector pan, developed in-house by WOLF, makes these appliances even more durable, with leaking collectors consigned to history. Furthermore, our highly advanced absorber technology ensures maximum solar yields and increases your independence from traditional energy sources. Thanks to their light design, these collectors are easy to install, no matter whether on top of the roof tiles (rooftop installation) or integrated into the roof (roof integration). Installation on flat roofs and walls is also possible.

You can increase your heat yield still further by combining a TopSon appliance with a highly efficient cylinder, such as the WOLF BSP stratification cylinder. Or extend your heating system to create a WOLF solar heating system – for maximum sustainability and independence from conventional energy sources. By the way: our appliances can all be combined with one another, as they can all communicate perfectly via our innovative control system to optimise your solar yield yet further.