traditional wardrobe / solid wood / with swing doors / child's unisex
IDAHO WOODLAND - Meubles pour enfants



  • Style:


  • Material:

    solid wood

  • Door:

    with swing doors

  • Options:

    child's unisex


The IDAHO wardrobe offers a lot of storage space as well. It is 90 cm wide and 118 cm high. Behind the left wardrobe door there is a lot of storage room including a clothing rail which is adjustable in height. Behind the right wardrobe door there is additional storage room with four small shelves which are also individually height adjustable. Harmful evaporation and unpleasant odours on your clothing are avoided from the beginning by choosing a WOODLAND wardrobe because we only use untreated high quality solid wood which is completely free of harmful substances. Endless beauty and excellent optical characteristics are added to the IDAHO by the slatted doors and by the smoothly rounded handholds.