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Bunk bed / contemporary / child's unisex / in wood
CALGARY WOODLAND - Meubles pour enfants


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    child's unisex

  • Material:

    in wood


The WINNIPEG bunk bed is suitable for children from 1 year onwards. Here the individual adventure bed can be assembled into a baby bed (see below) and also into 4 further building options (see right). All the components needed to transform the WINNIPEG through its 5 stages are included together with a ladder with gripping handles, climbing rope, ships wheel, sail and guard and safety rails.
(pic right:) From the "1st building variation", the sleeping level can be adjusted depending on the age of the child to give an extra 30cm high step. This means the width between the mattress beam and the ground can be altered to 30, 53, 86, 118 cm or 150cm depending on the age of the child.
In addition you can install a second bunk and change the level of the bed accordingly e.g. CALGARY (pictured above) AMARILLO, MONTEREY. In the case of a WINNIPEG it is later possible to create a second bunk with or without bar sets thanks to a flexible building-set.


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