steel cladding / patina / panel / copper look
SPACEPORT AMERICA by Foster + Parners A. Zahner



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  • Appearance:

    copper look

  • Color:



Spaceport America is the first private spaceport in the world. Located in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, the new terminal to the stars was designed by Foster + Parners with architectural and engineering services by URS team. The building is itself a hangar for aircraft, and it provides a space for both the visitors and space tourists, as well as the spaceships themselves.
Zahner was selected as the supplier and installer of the outer Solanum™ Steel panels which guide visitors into the building. The material is suited both in color and in performance for the New Mexico landscape surrounding the structure. The organic shape of the building rises out of the golden desert as a functional spaceport for the center of international space tourism.

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