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extensive green roof system / flat



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Green Roof build-up designed for a maximum evaporation, which can actively contribute to an improvement of city climate in particular during hot and dry periods.

- The irrigation takes place via special Dripperlines inserted into the Aquatec® elements.

- Applicable on 0°-roofs as well as on roofs with an inclination of up to 5°, including inverted roofs.

- Preferably gray water as a constantly available source is used for irrigation.

- The use of gray water requires special measures – please contact us for further information.

- If cistern or tap water is used, the irrigation can be controlled by the Irrigation Manager BM 4.

- The vegetation layer of the system is to be realized with plug plants according to the plant list “Climatic Green Roof”.

- Keeping to the special plant list “Climatic Green Roof” allows for a maximized evaporation in comparison to traditional plant communities but without losing sight of the maintenance requirements. In addition to the usual weeding, removing the dry plant
material from the roof at the end of each winter is sufficient.

- Please note: the build-up described above is suitable for the moderate continental climate of Central Europe. For information on possible adaptations for other climates please contact the ZinCo Technical Department.