non-woven geotextile / polypropylene / acrylic fiber / water storage
Aquafleece AF 300 ZinCo GmbH



  • Type:


  • Material:

    polypropylene, acrylic fiber

  • Function:

    water storage

  • Applications:

    green roof


Highly capillary-effective fabric in particular for its use in conjunction with dripperlines
in irrigated extensive green roof build-ups.

Capillary-effective fabric made of polyacrylic fibres, water absorption capacity ca. 3–4 l/m², attached to a woven fabric made of polypropylene, water permeability ca. 20 l/(m²·s), tensile strength (lengthwise/crosswise) ca. 19.0/15.0 kN/m; total weight ca. 300 g/m²; total thickness ca. 2.4 mm; delivery and installation to manufacturer's instructions.

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