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ABS drainage membrane / green roof drainage / drainage / water storage



  • Material:


  • Function:

    green roof drainage, drainage, water storage

  • Applications:

    green roof, for flat roofs


Water distribution, storage and drainage element made of thermoformed recycled hard plastic, developed especially to be used in combination with the Wicking Mat DV 40.

The basic principle is the distribution and storage of water in the cells of the elements. The water will be transported upwards by capillarity of the Wicking Mat when needed. The water supply takes place via special dripperlines. These can be clipped into the division bars of the elements without any tools. The elements can be connected via special studs along one of the long and narrow sides.


· Water saving in comparison to irrigation from above or dripperlines installed within the substrate

· Can be used on roofs without slope, low-slope roofs (up to about 5°) and inverted roofs.

· Reduced weight as there is no need to fill the elements

· Dripperlines are easily installed by simply clipping them into special holders in the division bars of the element.

· The water supply can be regulated by a control unit as required.

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