flat roof mounting system / green roof / for flat roofs / for PV applications
SGR 35/90 ZinCo GmbH



  • Applications:

    for flat roofs, green roof

  • Type:

    for flat roofs

  • Other characteristics:

    for PV applications


Solar Base Frame made of aluminium, especially designed for use on green roofs.


· Structurally tested aluminium frame, one single piece; adjusted to ZinCo Solar Base SB 200; inclination of base frame: 30° as standard.

· Consists of one piece, no pre-assembly required.

· No small parts, which means a quick and easy installation.

· Low weight

· Combination with most common panels possible

· Structurally tested

· Adjusted to ZinCo Solar Base SB 200

· Frame height avoids shade from plants or snow

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