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non-woven geotextile / polypropylene / polyester / puncture-resistant
ISM 50 ZinCo GmbH



  • Type:


  • Material:

    polypropylene, polyester

  • Function:


  • Applications:

    green roof, flat roof

  • Other characteristics:

    for heavy mechanical loads


Synthetic fibre mat, highly resistant to mechanical stress, for use as protection layer under intensive green roofs, walkways and driveways etc.


· High-quality fibre mat of polypropylene with needled carrier and rubber backing.

· Highly resistant to mechanical stress

· Protection layer meets German Standard DIN 18 195 5

· Bitumen and polystyrene compatible

· Non-rotting

· Footstep sound insulation

· Water and nutrient storage

· Made of recycled fibres

· Rubber backing may be used with adhesives

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