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electronic lock / door / biometric fingerprint / key card
ML10D ZKTeco



  • Mechanism:


  • Product applications:


  • Opening system:

    biometric fingerprint, key card, RFID


ML10D is a biometric fi ngerprint reader lock, with a top of the line optical reader that will go
from scanning to unlocking in under a second. ML10D with biometric technology ensures
genuine authentication and off ers a safe and easy way to close and secure the door.
This is a versatile mortise lock with an attractive design and many other features for your
convenience and security. Enjoy our two choice of design.

• Auto-Standby sensor technology
• Fingerprint or key entrance
• Robust mechanical structure and attractive design with zinc alloy metal casing
• No wiring - stand-alone installation
• German standard single latch easy to replace andinstall.
• Patented clutch motor design
• Reversible handle
• Audio - Visual indications for valid / invalid entries
• Normal Open mode indicator
• Stores 90 templates (3 groups)
• Extended battery life and low battery warning, data keep stored even in case of power loss.