wall-mounted dehumidifier / for swimming pools



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    for swimming pools


The Sirocco dehumidifier reliably meets the dehumidification needs of the building that houses your indoor pool. An economical, simple solution, it is easy to install, attaching to the wall in the pool room. No installation work; no need for a separate space. It can be used for different sized pools, for more comfort; available in three different capacities, from 2.3 to 4.6 litres of air per hour.

With this control unit, you can regulate the humidity level. You can keep it at an optimum level for comfort: 65%. It also regulates the thermostat, for models with the air-heater option.

Heating the air in the indoor pool's enclosure increases comfort and gives more control over the humidity level, which is influenced by ambient temperature. The console takes in humid air and expels warm, dry air. This functionality exists either with electric assistance (electric resistance) or a hot water coil (connection to your boiler, heat pump, geothermal, or solar heating source).