LED track light / round / cast aluminum / museum



  • Light source:


  • Shape:


  • Material:

    cast aluminum

  • Market:


  • Other characteristics :

    orientable, dimmable, low-voltage, for exhibitions


features SUPERSYSTEM II LED spot Mini (single/triple)
LED spotlight module with one or three LED spotlight units, "mini" construction size
Equipped with a lens system for high quality accent lighting in museums and exhibition spaces
Combination of LED PCBs, lenses and films provide uniform light distribution with high intensity and soft transitions, without stray light from the light cone
Film can be exchanged for other light distribution characteristics from superspot to wideflood, and oval
Low voltage adapter contains the electronics that converts constant voltage (48 V) to constant current for the luminaire
Dimming of illuminance via rotary potentiometer or dimmable DALI only
Optic consists of glass lens and plastic foil
Lamp unit of diecast aluminium, coated black or white
Front ring for glare reduction and accommodating films
Ring louvre or extended glare reduction tube can be exchanged for the front ring and are also for accommodating the films
Spotlight head rotates through 360°, pivots through 90°
Service life: 50000 h at 90 % luminous flux (350 lm) / 70 % luminous flux (100 lm)
Colour temperature: 3000 K (LED930: warm white) or 4000 K (LED940: intermediate)
Colour rendering index: Ra > 90
Colour tolerance: SDCM 2 initial, LED PCBs premium-selected
Luminaire luminous flux up to 145 lm (3.3 W) or 350 lm (5 W) per spotlight unit
Spotlight module must be fixed via an adapter and without tools to the SUPERSYSTEM II low voltage track (48 V)
Available as a variant: spotlight colour silver and colour temperature 2700 K