Who we are

“Your partner in global space-design solutions to shape cities of today and the future”

AUBRILAM has been specializing in the design and manufacture of wooden lighting columns and street furniture for 35 years.

The company Aubrilam, based in France since 1978 and in the U.S.A with its industrial partner Structura, provides integrated urban equipment solutions for all types of outdoor spaces such as urban developments, commercial or residential areas, restaurants terraces, and seafront and recreational areas. Over 500 000 products successfully installed on all continents of the world for 35 years.

The objective of Aubrilam is to give life to spaces by enhancing their identity and personality.

The products and services offered by Aubrilam are tailored to all types of projects and requirements, in Europe and worldwide, therefore being able to deliver optimized, cost effective and quality solutions to each of its clients. The solutions provided by Aubrilam include poles, lighting points, urban furniture, terrace furniture and pedestrian or cars shelter options. These products combine 3 main criteria - aesthetics, ecology and economy.

Our values

Aubrilam gives life to space.
We provide the substance: alive and sustainable, it gives meaning, beautifies and creates a place where life can thrive, everywhere and for everyone.
We have been decorating spaces for 38 years.

Meeting today’s new requirements such as the design of more energy-efficient projects, the needs for tighter cost-control and also the necessity to create intelligent and sustainable projects, our regularly improved and updated product and service offer is ready to take on both existing and future challenges.

Propose appropriate solutions for all types of outdoor space projects for enhanced performance, either standard or tailored, while developing new skills and know-how to satisfy all market requirements, wherever the project may be...

Make life easier for our clients by providing comprehensive product-service solutions thanks to our PURE & SPACE multi-level service offer based on three founding values: Elegant - Ecological - Economical...

… THIS IS AUBRILAM’s trademark