Who we are

A benchmark for bathroom furniture

Founded in the 80s, Azzurra slowly developed two parallel paths to reinforce its competitiveness: on one hand, concentrating on aspects of research and design, ensuring the continuous rise of the product’s aesthetic appeal and quality, and on the other hand the evolution of its production technology, designed to guarantee high and consistent standards. Azzurra strives to represent a benchmark of quality and design for the bathroom furniture sector. A commitment we are more than capable of fulfilling, even on an international scale, thanks to our ability to interpret the best of Italian style and thanks to the experience of our highly professional team. A credit to the expertise acquired through the organisation’s deep roots in an area of Friuli Venezia Giulia renowned for its furniture production and a corporate vision geared towards the future and innovation.

Our values

Design attentive to form and function

In Azzurra bathroom furniture, form is never an end in itself. Because good design means long-lasting products. Every detail of the compositions and listed accessories reflect the perfect union of aesthetic appeal and practicality. The contours and shapes of elements are the result of the creative skill and experience of architects and engineers within the Azzurra research and development centre. This is the spirit adopted when creating every new product. Because beauty should be an added value rather than a superficial search for style, destined to quickly vanish. Azzurra products are designed and developed to last over time. All panels used to produce Azzurra furniture are Class E1, equivalent to the lowest possible formaldehyde content, and Class W100, waterproof. The various types of external finishes are all characterised by the highest market standards: 3D melamine faced and HPL Unicolor finishes, veneered and lacquered finishes and edging. All materials are tested to ensure ease of cleaning, high resistance and durability over time. Each material is accompanied by a technical data sheet containing instructions on how to treat the surfaces. Individual parts and technologies are selected with maximum care as part of a commitment to sustainable production phases and environmental protection, and with a view towards ensuring the safety of each element. Despite the maximum care invested during the design phase and the entire construction process, the company wishes to protect its clients in the event of any qualitative defects. For this reason, all Azzurra products are covered by a 30-month warranty, covering the risk of faults due to defective materials or which may have occurred during the development and assembly of the elements.