Who we are


A professional lighting brand with a high reputation.


Provide the latest technology in high quality lighting products. Always aiming for excellence in client service, build up a strong and competitive option of professional lighting specialists for professionals.


At Brilumen, we work every day to anticipate new trends from a highly competitive and constantly evolving market. Recently, we have shown our capability to answer the specific demands of the professionals in the lighting industry, developing successfully, high demanding and complex projects which contribute to enrich the vast portfolio of our customers.

Our main goal is to establish long term partnerships with our customers, being our activity supported by a dynamic and professional team, which carries specific knowledge to be able to help our business partners answering the highest demands of their customers.

Consumers are getting more and more demanding for a healthier way of living and in a constant search for a better life quality, resulting in a greater overall conscience of the importance of artificial light in the daily life. Today, LED technology turned possible that high quality lighting solutions can lower the energy consumption, having impact on the family’s budget. This way, the reduced energy consumption by LED allows us to explore the maximum comfort that light can offer and improve our health and wellbeing. Quality and the right choice of lighting combined, makes the difference, being able to provide a cozy and comfortable or a stimulating and energetic environment, according to its purpose.

Our huge passion for lighting is what drives us to aspire for a place of excellence in the lighting business.

Our values


- Integrity, honesty, truth and professionalism;

- Respect the relationship with the customer. Encourage and maintain long term partnerships;

- Provide value gains to the customer and business;

- Provide a healthy working environment. Value and respect people;

- Focused and solid team working;

- Innovation and quality.