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German Brand Award 2016

On 16th June 2016, BRUNE received the German Brand Award 2016 Winner in the category Industry Excellence in Branding in Berlin.

The German Brand Award awards prizes to pioneering brands and brand makers. It honors innovative brands, consequent branding and sustainable brand communication. An independent jury of brand experts of different sectors (industry, university, agency, consulting and media) decides about the recipient of the German Brand Award.

We are very happy and also a little bit proud of this success. Thanks to everyone, who helped us achieving this!

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German Brand Award 2016

The expert jury of the “Rat für Formgebung“ – a German design board - and the German Brand Institute nominated BRUNE for participation in the German Brand Award 2016 in the category Industry Excellence in Branding. The reason of the committees is as clearly as convincing: “Your brand is outstanding in your sector and shows a unique contribution to brand and corporate landscape.”

With the German Brand Award, the “Rat für Formgebung“ and the German Brand Institute make brand competence visible. The long-term expertise and the rigorous selection process ensure that only the best can participate in the German Brand Award. Therefore, the nomination is already an honor.