Buck d.o.o.

Who we are

The company BUCK was founded in Belgrade in 1992. Ever since the first days, BUCK has been oriented to high quality illumination and application and promotion of good design through all the aspects of the work.

The well-being of the end user marks the starting point of the creation of lighting solutions and light fittings. Numerous other aspects are then taken into consideration: sustainable design, energy saving optics, long-lasting life span, recyclability, ergonomic design, harmony with the interior, precise consistency with the architect’s needs, easily mounted by the installer and economic during usage by the client. This is the way that BUCK creates a unique chain of values. Choosing BUCK’s design and expertise is a decision that adds value to projects, facilitates the design process and enables significant energy savings. Illuminating the future with bright ideas and good lighting solutions is what BUCK is all about.

Our values

We strive to use creative lighting solutions and high quality innovative products to improve living spaces, using minimal energy.

Our vision is to add value to the quality of lighting and thereby positively influence mankind and the environment.

The key word of BUCK’s working methodology: BUCK offers originally designed products incorporated into excellent lighting design.

BUCK’s creative team comprises numerous industrial designers who boast vast experience in this field. The results of this cooperation include over dozen awards for design, the most important of which are the Red dot design award, the IF communication design award, IF product design award and four Good design awards. BUCK enjoys good cooperation with the Faculty of Applied arts, thus contributing to the development of new generations of industrial designers and the general development of the design of light fixtures and fittings.

BUCK cooperates with numerous renowned architects and architectural studios, supporting them with expertise in lighting design. BUCK also has excellent cooperation with faculties of architecture, where young architects are introduced to the importance of good lighting design and its positive influence on the human experience.

BUCK is a project-oriented company, working on projects in direct collaboration with investors, architects and interior designers. All of BUCK’s plants and departments are positioned and organized in such a way that projects, production, delivery and logistics run smoothly and according to previously arranged schedules. BUCK has been awarded several times for its excellent corporate management, while the president and founder of BUCK, Mr. Darko Budec, has been awarded Enterpreneur of the Year 2012 by Ernst& Young.

BUCK is an environmentally aware company. Its products have sustainable designs, are ergonomic and up to 95% recyclable. The products boast the finest technology lighting gear and light sources, with good longevity and reduced energy consumption, using the finest optics.