Who we are

At BuenaVentura, we dress interior spaces with the exuberance of haute couture.

All of our murals and wallpaper are hand painted based on unique designs inspired by the spirit of the Mediterranean, where we create our exclusive, timeless works of art.

Glazes, tonalities, transparencies; the fruits of years of artistic research and refinement to achieve an innately unique style and finish, to give life to organic atmospheres, outstanding and harmonious all at once.

Design, tradition and technology unite in our work to create pieces which transcend the realms of time, leaving their subtle mark on eternity.

Our values

Our murals are hand painted with watercolour-based techniques.

At BuenaVentura, we follow a sophisticated process of traditional creation, enabling us to capture the fleeting effects of nature with infinite expressiveness and luminosity.

The manual execution with special paints and dyes on pure, natural cotton paper intertwines with environmentally-friendly processes to distinguish our murals and the spaces in which they are installed, creating relaxing, unique, harmonious and healthy atmospheres.

Our murals are produced using top-quality materials, carefully chosen for their properties to guarantee artistic excellent and maximum resistance to the passage of time.