Who we are

What started out in 1993 with a simple idea and a single patio umbrella called Primus, grew to be a worldwide successful concept with shade solutions for every application. Our goal has always been to devise and produce innovative, high-quality shade products - suitable even for the most discerning clients.


…our shades exude the highest caliber in materials. They are handcrafted by responsible and qualified professionals. Aluminum and stainless steel are the basis of our engineering. They provide toughness and longevity. Our fabrics are weather resistant and can discreetly grace your terrace or become a colorful statement.

…we use ingenious mechanisms for comfortable and easy handling. With a Caravita shade, mechanisms operate just as easily as the day they were installed, and canopies remain colorfast after long blazing summers.

…customization is our standard option. Canopies are available in more than 100 colors. Frames in even more than 200 colors. Colors and additional manufacturing (valances, wind hood, etc.) options can be combined to get a unique sunshade. Every CARAVITA patio umbrella is custom made.

Our values

Today CARAVITA® is one of the leading brands for premium shades as well as a synonym for quality and design. The variety of creative options impresses designers and architects around the world.