Who we are

CHAT BOARD® - Embracing Creative Dialogue

CHAT BOARD A/S is a Danish family-owned company, founded in 1982. Our whole product range is designed, developed and manufactured in Denmark.

CHAT BOARD® products are multi-functional magnetic glass writing, posting and drawing boards perfect for creative, learning, planning and brainstorming environments. These can be of use in any corporate or personal space where people have information to remember, share, express or illustrate. Whilst they are practical communication tools, CHAT BOARD® products are equally aesthetically pleasing, designed to blend with existing stylish interiors and colour schemes 

CHAT BOARD® wants to give the solution to a challenge: The creation of a room that allows you to express yourself in the exact way you wish to and to perfectly match your own identity and your company’s corporate design.

The distinct design, the great richness of colours and the elegant surface have made these products the preferred choice for architects, interior designers and private individuals all over the world. The unique and innovative products allow practical function and aesthetics to co-exist. This combination of decoration and design of modern corporate headquarters and stylish homes helped CHAT BOARD® to quickly become a very popular brand.

Incredibly versatile, the CHAT BOARD® products come in a variety of sizes, shapes and options. Today, the product range has been significantly expanded with manufacturing CHAT BOARD® Mobile, Wardrobe, Table, Planner, customer specific design solutions and printed glass. CHAT BOARD® has today grown into an international brand with worldwide exports. CHAT BOARD® represents the qualities and values that have made Danish design so famous and in strong demand globally.

Our values

CHAT BOARD® stands for quality, functionality and design. All of our products are European - developed, designed and manufactured in Denmark. This assures that our high quality standards are maintained and that everything is produced under conditions that respect our workforce as well as our surroundings.

For CHAT BOARD A/S, manufacturing of sustainable products means intense pre-production development, where premium materials are carefully selected. The sustainable use of valuable resources is of paramount importance to us - from energy-saving production through the sensible use of raw materials to recyclable products.

We aim to meet our customers’ needs at the highest level. Therefore all glass leaving our factory has been thoroughly inspected by two quality managers to prevent any defective products being shipped.

CHAT BOARD® has had a long-standing policy of protecting the environment and conserving energy and natural resources. Our strategy has served the environment and our business well over the years and provides the foundation for the continued growth of our business. An important part in the environmental consideration of a product plays its durability. The longer a product is usable, the less it pollutes the environment. All our products are durable due to the used materials, glass and steel.

Our presence around the world