Conelly Design

Who we are

CONELLY DESIGN - luxury and contemporary grandfather clocks handcrafted in Germany.

Tradition and modernity in very fine mergence. Grandfather clocks are among the finest pieces of furniture at all and have always been integrated in classy ambiance. they are the embodiment of status and grandeur. They represents craftsmanship, culture and sense of courtly style.

Like no other furniture floorclocks combine comfort, concision and dignity - they are the majesties of a room. According to these standards Connelly Design creates remarkable timepieces for the finest interiors of today and tomorrow. Tailor-made, unique and made in Germany.

Please visit our website  to take a look for our product video and the extensive photo collection.

Our values

Equipped with masterpieces of German clockmaking, tradition and innovation merging in the case of a Connelly Design floorclock. From simple quartz movement to the most accurate mechanical precision pendulum movement – the sense of time on the highest level.

Every moment is unique, each person is unique, so every Connelly Design it is also.

The enormous number of components of our impressive clocks affords endless creative opportunities.From the colour of the surface, to the dial, to the hands. For each of our clients we design intricately, personal and unique.